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Simple Man Handyman July Job Highlights - Loveland, Colorado

One of the nice things about being a handyman is there is always a new challenge, a new trade, or a new job to tackle! No day is the same, and no job is the same.

Take a look at just a few of the jobs we have worked on the past few weeks:

1. Shiplap Wall Installation

Shiplap Wall Installation - Loveland, Colorado

2. Soffit Repair/Replacement

Soffit Repair/Replacement - Loveland, Colorado

3. Wall Demolition and Repair

Wall Demolition & Repair - Loveland, Colorado

4. Furniture Restoration

Furniture Restoration - Loveland, Colorado

5. Storage Room Shelving Installation

Storage Room Shelving Installation - Loveland, Colorado

6. Welded Wire/Hog Wire Fencing Installation

Welded Wire Fencing Installation - Loveland, Colorado

In addition to the above jobs, we have kept busy with roof repair, gutter repair, drywall repair and texturing, laminate counter-top work, and a few other things! Stay tuned as more of our projects are posted!


Simple Man Handyman has a wide variety of skill-sets and is dedicated to providing a positive experience for each customer. Contact us today for a free quote on your home repair needs!

Simple Man Handyman - Loveland, Colorado

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01. Aug. 2019

Thanks Andrew! I’m working on taking more before and after pictures so I can post them in the future. I appreciate the feedback!

Gefällt mir

Andrew Benjamin George
Andrew Benjamin George
31. Juli 2019

This is awesome! I'd love to see the before pictures as well.

Gefällt mir
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