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Simple Man Handyman March 2024 Job Highlights

Here are a just a few small highlights of some of the jobs completed over the past month. We specialize in small to medium size jobs. To see more of work completed by Simple Man Handyman, you can also take a check out the Simple Man Gallery. 1. Stair Railing Installation

Kitchen Cabinet Installation - Loveland, CO

2. Kitchen Flooring Replacement

Modular Closet Shelving Installation - Loveland, Colorado

3. Bathroom Flooring & Shower Tile Installation

Bathroom Vanity Installation - Loveland, Colorado

4. Picture Hanging

Vinyl Plank Flooring Replacement/Repair - Loveland, Colorado

5. Sink/Faucet Replacement

vinyl gate installation - Loveland, Colorado

6. Fence Staining

baseboard installation and painting- Loveland, Colorado

-- In the past month, we have also completed some of the following projects: siding repairs, concrete crack sealing, cabinet installation, railing repair, flooring repair, fence post replacement & repair, cabinet repair, deck re-finishing, drywall repair, shower head replacement, faucet replacement, garbage disposal replacement, door jamb repair, garage trim replacement, concrete repair, picture hanging, shower tile installation, vinyl plank flooring installation, small concrete slab installation, and more!

Simple Man Handyman has a wide variety of skill-sets and is dedicated to providing a positive experience for each customer. Contact Simple Man Handyman today for a free quote on your home repair needs!


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