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Ty Gardner

Ty is truly a simple man, and he's a family man. Born and raised in Loveland, he loved growing up here and loves raising his three young children here with his wonderful wife. 

He's basically an all-around handy guy with a passion for helping people, fixing broken things, and building beautiful pieces. 

As a young man, Ty grew up fixing things, remodeling homes, and learning on the job with his dad. His dad was and still is a do-it-yourself guy and Ty was lucky to learn many skills from him, his grandfather, and others throughout the years. As he settled down and started his own family, he continued to hone his handyman and home improvement skills by refinishing and repairing everything he could around the home.

After years of experience in different construction fields, Ty started Simple Man Handyman with a goal of providing a trustworthy and reliable service to homeowners in the area.

Lukas Hansen - Simple ManHandyman_edited.jpg

Lukas Hansen
Project Manager

Lukas spent a lot of his time as a kid watching his dad build their house from the ground up. While he learned some from those experiences, he never really cared for craftsmanship until he and his wife purchased their first home in Loveland. It was 100+ years old and came with a to-do list a mile long. Though not his original career path, working on his home in his spare time led to a passion for craftsmanship and working with his hands.

Now that he, his wife, their two daughters, and countless animals have moved into their second 100 year old house, his skills have come a long way, giving him the ability and confidence to handle a wide variety of home improvement tasks.


Lukas is a life-long learner always listening to audiobooks and podcasts between jobs, or looking through guide books and how-to’s. He enjoys metal work, wood work, art, and all things old.  Lukas loves seeing a plan come together and seeing customers react to a beautifully finished project. Whether it’s hanging a picture or re-doing a bathroom, he enjoys it all.

Simple Man Handyman - Jacob Koenig_edited_edited.jpg

Jacob Koenig
Project Manager

Jacob was taught how to be a craftsman from the ground up. Having learned through hands-on experience through years working in his dad's business, as well as tackling a variety of challenging projects on his own; there's not much home improvement work that Jacob hasn't done!


Now, with a variety of experience in home improvement, operations, and customer service; Jacob is well equipped for planning, organizing, and directing home improvement projects from inception to completion. 

Jacob is a real people’s person and it’s hard to find him without a smile on his face. He loves helping all types of people and figuring out difficult and unique problems. Outside of work, he enjoys making random custom pieces of art, building smoke houses, and  being outdoors as much as possible. From camping to fishing, Northern Colorado is the perfect place for him.

Jonas Warren - Simple Man Handyman_edited_edited.jpg

Jonas Warren

Jonas has been an integral part of our team for some time now. Handyman work is in his blood - his brother works as a handyman in California too!


Though he didn’t have a ton of home improvement experience before joining us, he has always had a knack for figuring things out and dove in head first from the get-go. Over the years, Jonas has tried his hand at many things and has since honed his skills to become a highly skilled craftsman. A quick learner who loves working with his hands, you can always count on Jonas to do a job well. 


Jonas loves helping people and loves the variety that comes from working as a handyman. Outside of work, he is also an outdoor enthusiast and spends many weekends camping, fishing, and snowboarding throughout Colorado’s mountains.

Taylor Anderson - Simple Man Handyman_edited.jpg

Taylor Anderson

Taylor loves a challenge and loves taking something from start to finish or from broken to fixed. He really enjoys working with customers and leaving them happy with the work he’s done. Taylor gained most of his experience before coming to Simple Man Handyman while starting and running a coffee shop and roasting company with his wife. For six years, he handled every project, equipment maintenance task, and remodel their shop needed. This experience is what first taught him to love working with his hands and having something to fix. He continues to excel at this today as a handyman.

Along with his beautiful wife and 5 year old son, Taylor was born and raised in Colorado, but is new to the Loveland/Fort Collins area. Outside of work, he enjoys woodworking and welding. He and his wife are also avid mountain bikers who love to camp, hike, fish, and just be outdoors.

Loveland, CO Handyman-Rocky Mountains
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