Simple Man Handyman is a qualified professional you can trust to handle your roof repairs. While it is not uncommon to need a full roof replacement after a wind or hail storm, we know that a lot of times all you need is a small repair. This can be a result of actual wind or hail damage, improper installation, or age. It is especially important to have your roof repaired if you have a leak, as waiting to repair a leak can end up causing even more damage. 

In doing an inspection of your roof, we will be able to not only find and assess the damaged area, but if you require work on a larger scale, such as a full roof replacement due to age, hail damage, or wind damage, we will recommend you to the appropriate professionals to handle those larger jobs.

If you live in Loveland, Colorado and have a damaged roof, missing shingles, or a leak, we are here to help. Contact Simple Man Handyman today so we can come take a look at your roof, assess any damage, and get to work on any needed repairs.