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Simple Man Handyman November/December Job Highlights - Loveland, Colorado

Happy New Year! Take a look at a few highlights of jobs completed over the last couple months of last year. (To see more of our work, you can also take a look at our Gallery)

1. Reclaimed Barn Wood Accent Wall

Wood Accent Wall Installation - Loveland, Colorado

2. Interior Painting

Interior Painting - Loveland, Colorado

3. Shed Roof Replacement

Shed Roof Replacement/Repair - Loveland, Colorado

4. Shed Siding Replacement

Shed Siding Replacement & Painting - Loveland, Colorado

5. Drywall Replacement, Texturing, & Painting

Drywall Replacement, Texturing, Painting - Loveland, Colorado

6. Garage Work Bench Build & Installation

Handyman - Loveland, Colorado

7. Double Action Swinging Door Installation

Double Action Swinging Door Installation - Loveland, Colorado

8. Miscellaneous Wall Hangings

Wall Hangings - Mirror Hanging, Bathroom Rod Hanging, Corbel Hanging

In addition to these jobs, Simple Man Handyman has also worked on different projects this month including other interior painting jobs, light fixture replacements, shower head replacements, furniture repair, trim repair, sink repairs, furniture assembly, fence repair, gutter cleaning, tile replacement, caulking repair, door viewer peephole installation, light bulb replacement, and yard clean up.


Simple Man Handyman has a wide variety of skill-sets and is dedicated to providing a positive experience for each customer. Contact today for a free quote on your home repair needs!


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