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4 Reasons to Hire a Handyman - Loveland, Colorado

Handyman Services - Loveland, Colorado

Owning a home is a part of the American dream. Whether you have a brand new home, restored an older house, or even inherited the place you live, your home is a part of your brand. It's your retreat after a long day, a place to spend time with family and friends, and a place you can just be you.

While home-ownership has many perks, it can also cost a lot of money, cause a lot of stress, and be a lot of work. As homes age, things naturally fall apart and deteriorate. Repairs, re-dos, and refinishings are just a part of life. While there are certainly jobs that many homeowners can do on their own, it is also important to know when to hire a professional to help you with your to-do lists. Here are four reasons why hiring a handyman can be a wise investment in your home.

1. Life is Busy

With any home, it seems there is always a near-endless list of home repairs to complete. Life is busy with many demands calling for our time and attention. When your life gets busy and you feel your to-do list is getting a little to long, this is a perfect time to hire a handyman.

When you are working on knocking out your to-do list on your own, you have to work it around your actual job, social commitments, childcare, and family time. Often, this causes things to get pushed back again and again, and simple projects can end up spanning weeks, months, or even years.

When you hire a handyman, remember - this is their job! Instead of getting a little bit done at a time over an extended period of time, hiring a handyman gives you a set time frame for job completion and all the peace of mind that comes with it.

2. Save Money and Time

Save Money - Loveland, Colorado Handyman

More often than not, a list of things you have to do around the house are generally not all going to be related to each other (i.e. replace the boards on my deck, touch up paint around my house, replace the trim in my bathroom, replace the shingles that blew off my roof, etc...). When you have a variety of small, unrelated jobs, a handyman has the skills to handle many of them.

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a handyman is that you are dealing with only one person, instead of several.

Instead of hiring a deck specialist, a painter, a trim carpenter, and a roofer to complete the above tasks, you can just hire a handyman, give him the list, and let him go to work! Paying one person is less expensive than paying many and dealing with one persons schedule is less time consuming than dealing with many.

Working with a handyman to get small jobs around the house completed gives you the satisfaction of getting your work done while decreasing the time and money you have to spend coordinating a variety of other tradesmen.

3. Update your Home before Selling

One of the most common times that homeowners use handymen is before selling their house. When preparing to sell, that list of things that need to get done all of a sudden have an urgency that they didn't have before. Before selling a home, either before or after a home inspection, there is bound to be a list of small things that can be done to increase the value of your home, or even just to make it more appealing to a buyer.

Prepare your house for sale - Loveland, Colorado Handyman

If your home has minor exterior damage such as missing shingles, peeling paint, or an overgrown lawn, a handyman can improve the curb appeal in no time.

If your home has minor interior damage such as trim boards ripped up by your dogs, paint that needs touch up, or caulking that needs to be re-done, a handyman can clean up and repair these small fixes in no time too.

If you are selling your home, make sure you contact a handyman to help get your house ready to impress.

4. Protect Your Home

Routine maintenance is required to protect and maintain your home. Failing to maintain your home regularly can lead to bigger issues and cost more money in the long run.

Routine roof inspections can help you spot issues long before they become damaging leaks. Routine gutter cleaning can prevent water build up and rotting of your fascia and soffit. Routine deck sealing can help your deck maintain its structural integrity for years to come.

There are a wide variety of tasks around the house that should be done annually, bi-annually, or even monthly. If you need help with these tasks, hire a handyman and make sure your home remains a good investment.


Whatever you need done, hiring a handyman can be a good investment of your time and money. While we can't do everything, Simple Man Handyman is a qualified professional you can trust to deliver quality service in a timely and professional manner. Check out our list of services to see how we can help you!


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