Simple Man Handyman offers high quality handyman and home improvement services focusing on small to medium sized jobs around the house. Serving Loveland, Colorado, Simple Man Handyman is owned and operated by Ty Gardner. 

Meet Ty

Hi, my name is Ty Gardner. I was born and raised in Loveland. I loved growing up here and I love raising my young family here as well. This is home to me.


After years of experience in different construction fields, I started Simple Man Handyman with a goal of providing a trustworthy and reliable service to homeowners in the area. My goal is to combine excellent service with quality workmanship to give back to the community in a meaningful way.

Ty Gardner - Simple Man Handyman

As a young man, I grew up fixing things, remodeling homes, and learning on the job with my dad. My dad was and still is a do-it-yourself guy and I was lucky enough to learn many skills from him, my grandfather, and others throughout the years. As I settled down and started my own family, I continued to hone my handyman, home improvement, and furniture restoration skills by refinishing and repairing everything I could around our home. Now, with additional background and experience in a wide variety of home improvement fields to go with a college education in the medical field, I benefit from a unique skill-set allowing me to be able to solve most problems and fix just about anything. Just ask my wife, who started referring to me as "Handy Ty" from the time we started dating!

I am basically an all around handy guy with a passion for helping people, fixing broken things, and building beautiful pieces.


And my team is made up of like-minded individuals. We would love to help you out. We hope to provide a service you can trust built on a foundation of precise and high quality work, along with honest and reliable service.

While we may not be able fix everything, the things that we can do we put time and effort into to assure a high quality product for you. We are a problem solvers willing to look at differing and unique issues and find a solution. When there is something we can't fix or confidently help you with, we will be honest with you and will do all we can to still be of assistance. 

Why choose Simple Man Handyman?

Simple Man Handyman is a business you can trust! As a business striving to do everything with honesty and integrity, you can be confident that you are in good hands. Our team of highly competent and conscientious handymen work hard to make our customers happy.

When you use Simple Man Handyman, not only can you trust that the job will be done right, but you can trust the people doing the job. We strive to always be considerate of your family, your home, and your time.

Thank you!